Hot Wheels® Track Builder System™ Race Crate

Ages: 6+
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Triple their racing fun and stunting thrills with this 3-in-1 pop-out raceway! This super-portable crate quickly transforms into 3 massive stunt tracks, so kids can launch into epic action at lightning speed! Will they nail the scary-steep drops, adrenaline-pumping jumps, and ultimate high-speed showdowns?

  • The Race Crate includes everything you need for 3 unique raceways and stunts.
  • Create challenges and obstacles with 8+ feet of track, 2 double slam launchers, a 4-lane loop and more.
  • Parents can help younger racers transform stunts, and jumpstart family fun.
  • Fold up the crate and place everything inside for easy portability and storage.
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Play Benefits

Hot Wheels® is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills.

This trackset provides the following benefits:

Problem Solving

Promotes different ways of thinking to overcome obstacles.

Revs Creativity

Fuels the ability to innovate and invent new ways of thinking.

Builds Sportsmanship

Encourages kids to play fair and have respect for others.

Crate? Great!

Blow the lid off traditional track play! This race-party-in-a-box features 3 daring stunts that fuel excitement and hours of high-octane adventures!

Drop In & Pop Out

Launch thrilling action right out of the crate with a pop-out raceway that travels with you and includes tracks, loops, jumps and 2 Hot Wheels® cars.

Whats In The Box

1 Track Builder Race Crate with handle
1 Fair start gate
1 Four-Lane Loop
1 Finish gate
2 Double Slam Launchers
8+ Feet of Track
1 Builder’s Guide
2 Hot Wheels® Vehicles