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Hot Wheels® Ai Starter Set Street Racing Edition Trackset

Ages: 8+
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    Hot Wheels® Ai Street Racing Edition puts you in control of high-speed, head-to-head racing so you can rule the streets. Powered by computer-enhanced Artificial Intelligence, these Smart Cars include sensors to help guide your car around the track. Race against up to four friends or challenge the Ai by placing a vehicle into auto-drive mode. But watch out! The competition will stop at nothing to overtake you and launch virtual hazards like oil spills, tire blowouts and more. Real-time race announcements and sound FX keep you in the heat of the action. Program the gaming controller with your choice of 3 race modes and 3 skill levels: an all-out race in Championship Mode, a race against your fastest lap in Practice Mode or an off-track free-for-all in Freeplay Mode. Includes 2 high-performance Smart Cars with scale speeds up to 180 mph, 2 gaming controllers with gameplay modes for all ages and 22 pieces of easy-to-connect track – including the all-new T-Bone crash zone – for 32+ race configurations.

    SKU #: FDY09

Play Benefits

Hot Wheels® is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills.

This trackset provides the following benefits:

Builds Sportsmanship

Encourages kids to play fair and have respect for others.

Revs Creativity

Fuels the ability to innovate and invent new ways of thinking.

Problem Solving

Promotes different ways of thinking to overcome obstacles.

Stay On Track
Hot Wheels® AI Smart Cars™ are equipped with smart sensors that read the Smart Track™ 200x per second, guiding your car around the track.

Take Control
Control your Smart Car™ with ergonomic gaming controllers that feature joystick sterring, a trigger throttle and real-time race announcements and sound FX to immerse you in the action.

AI Controller Image

Hazards Ahead
Pull the trigger to launch virtual hazards, like oil spills and tire blowouts, to slow down your opponent and take the lead! Then reload your hazards with a quick trip through the pit lane.

Build Race Repeat
Use the 22 reconfigurable track pieces to create and compete across 32+ track layouts including the new T-Bone Crash Zone intersection. Watch out for oncoming traffic!

Build Race Repeat
Extend the race with Hot Wheels® Ai expansion packs:

Whats In The Box
Box Image
2 High-Performance AI Smart Cars
2 Gaming Controllers
22 Pieces of Track For 32+ Layouts
3 Gameplay Modes for All Skill Levels
1 AI Racing Guide

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