Gear up for action-packed adventures! Thrill young racers with the biggest, baddest playsets of the season.


Take storytelling play to exciting new heights with our tallest Ultimate Garage yet! Transport cars to the top in the kid-powered elevator, then race side-by-side through the multi-level set without getting chomped by the hungry T-Rex.

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Sky Crash Tower™ Track Set

With this massive, motorized set, kids can boost vehicles up to the sky for jaw-dropping jumps and epic mid-air crashes! Plus, park 20+ cars in the tower that rises 2.5 feet high — and fold up the set for convenient storage and transport.

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Mario Kart™ Circuit Track Set

Bring the wildly popular videogame to life! Kids can race as fan favorites Mario and Yoshi as they speed die-cast karts around the track and overcome obstacles, including a crazy inverted loop. Be the first to complete 6 laps and win the race!

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Track Builder Unlimited Ultra Boost Kit

Jump-start the stunting action with 2 stackable boosters, 2 intersections, and one 1:64 Hot Wheels® vehicle. Build and rebuild the set to create bigger and better stunts, then stack and store the pieces until it’s time to race again!

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Monster Truck Scorpion Sting Raceway™ Play Set

Battle a terrifying scorpion in a thrilling set that stretches 3.5 feet long! Race vehicles around the boosted track and try to conquer the daring banked turn without being attacked by the creature’s snapping claws or massive deadly stinger!

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Hot Wheels™ id Smart Track™ Starter Kit

Speed onto the digital circuit with a safe, connected platform that blends the exhilaration of physical racing with epic videogame play. Kids can scan Hot Wheels™ id cars, track speeds, count laps, and boost their racing prowess!

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