Hot Wheels® TechMods Accelo GT

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Hot Wheels® TechMods™ merges classic remote-control play and digital gaming to create a truly unique, dynamic experience for fans of innovation and cutting-edge tech!

Build your own race car with an easy-to-assemble kit. Download our free app (available August 2019) to drive the car with your smart device OR use your car as a physical controller to play in-app mini-games. Collect rewards in Treasure Hunt mode to level up and mod your car. By pre-ordering on Indiegogo, you'll get serious perks at a special price.

Remote Control Reimagined!
Hot Wheels® TechMods™ is a one-of-a-kind RC kit for physical
and digital gameplay experiences!


All-in-one 'Wow!'

You get everything you need to build your car for speed: 30 rivets, framework, splitter, NeoFlex™ body panels, engine module, 4 slicks, turbo wing, assembly tool, and USB charger. TechMods™ arrives in premium packaging, featuring a slickly designed box with eye-catching colors.
3 Ways to Drive the Fun

Drive your RC vehicle in Free Drive mode or Treasure Hunt mode. Or switch to Car as Controller mode and use your physical car to drive a digital version.
Epic App Updates

The free TechMods™ app will feature continuous updates and new gaming challenges to unlock hours of
excitement and repeat play.
Game On & Level Up

Complete challenges and play mini-games to earn rewards, which you can redeem to update and customize your digital car.

Embrace your inner mechanic — and experience an awesome sense of accomplishment — as you build your remote-control vehicle from the chassis up. Car parts are made of lightweight, durable plastic for superior performance and maneuverability.


TechMods™ puts you behind the wheel, in total control! Use the app to race the high-speed, ultra-agile RC car — no remote needed. Then in Car as Controller mode, use the physical car to race through the digital world and master in-app challenges.


The more you play and level up, the more coins and rewards you earn. Redeem them for virtual treasures, so you can customize your car’s digital specs and performance and change avatar skins.


The TechMods™ app provides progressive challenges, engaging storytelling, and frequent updates for nonstop gamified fun. Plus, you never need extra batteries — just charge up with the included USB cable, and you’re ready to power on!

Step 1

Download the free Hot Wheels® TechMods™ app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2

Follow instructions in the app to assemble your car with the included parts.
Step 3

Connect via Bluetooth and drive your remote-control car with the app’s controllers. Or use the car to drive an in-app digital version.
Step 4

Win mini-games and collect digital treasures to level up, gain rewards, and enjoy hours of videogame-style play.
  • Get vehicle assembly instructions.
  • Select an avatar to be your companion and guide.
  • Customize your avatar with unlocked features.
  • Check out tutorials to help you rev up your game.
  • Keep track of your racing stats and rewards.
    (available August 2019)
Sleek, stylish package for a super-cool gift!
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Why Techmods™?

Since 1968, Hot Wheels® has been inspiring generations of fans to challenge the limits of their imaginations with action-packed products that fuel creativity, competition, and experimentation. And we’re just getting revved up!

TechMods™ is the latest Hot Wheels® innovation to smash through boundaries, so players can explore endless possibilities and adventures. Join us for an amazing, historic ride as we launch the ultimate RC experience and speed full-throttle into the future of racing!


Meet the amazing team that built and engineered the Hot Wheels® TechMods™ Gaming RC. We hope you’ll join our crew and help us create an epic experience for racing fans everywhere!

Sandy Johnson
Sandy Johnson
App Development
Brett Krong
Brett Krong
Senior Producer and
Connected Play
Ben Monlezun
Ben Monlezun
User Experience
Adam Miller
Adam Miller
Design Engineer
Kevin Cao
Kevin Cao
Lead Designer
Taylor Wiegele
Taylor Wiegele
Product Marketing
Gerry Cody
Gerry Cody
Product Design
Ron Friedman
Ron Friedman
Product Management and
Global Marketing
Why Indiegogo?

For many years, we at Hot Wheels® have developed and tested new products on our own. With diecast cars and monster trucks and other products we know very well, we’ve been pretty successful. Hot Wheels* is the #1 selling toy in the world*, after all! However, for us to truly create the play experiences of the future, we want to experiment with products that challenge our status quo. Enter: TechMods™. We have a lot of experience creating toy cars and a ton of research on how kids play with them, but introducing a gaming RC car is exciting new territory for us.

So, we’d like to make sure what we know applies to TechMods™ — and also find out what we don’t know — by inviting early adopters into the process via Indiegogo. What is your experience with TechMods™? Tell us what you like and don’t like about the product.

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