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  • Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

Ages: 5+
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    The Super Ultimate Garage is the BIGGEST Hot Wheels® playset EVER. Over three feet tall, with storage for 140+ cars, this garage provides endless storytelling opportunities! A motorized elevator transports 23 cars at a time, while a menacing gorilla climbs the tower threatening cars as they ride the lift! A side-by-side-racetrack spirals from the penthouse to the ground floor with an EPIC knockout finish. A massive jet plane holds two Hot Wheels® cars as it soars above the city and lands on the top floor. With a drive-up diner, lock-away police station, interactive tune up shop and car wash, there is an entire city to explore! The Super Ultimate Garage includes 4 cars, 1 Jet plane and multiple connections points to connect to other Hot Wheels® sets for a massive world of track and play.

    SKU #: FDF25

Play Benefits

Hot Wheels® is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills.

This trackset provides the following benefits:

Fuels Imagination

Nurtures creative thinking to explore new worlds.

Sparks Motor Skills

Develops strength and dexterity for better building.

Hours of Fun

Promotes concentration for extended periods of time.

Big Fun
Fuel hours of storytelling and imaginative play with the BIGGEST garage EVER, standing over 3 feet tall with six floors to explore.

Parking Lots
Inspire car collecting and ignite their organizational skills with parking (and easy storage) for over 140 cars.

They're Going Places
Rev up their creativity with an entire city to see, including a drive-up diner, lock-away police stations, interactive tune up shop, car wash and more.

Watch the set come-to-life with a motorized eleveator that transports 23 cars, and a menacing gorilla that threatens vehicles as they ride the lift.

Settle It On The Track
Crank up the competition with a side-by-side-racetrack that spirals from the penthouse to the ground floor with an EPIC loser-gets-knocked-out finish.

Imagination Takes Flight
Play at home or on-the-go with a massive jet plane that shuttles cars around the garage, around the house, or anywhere their imagination takes them.

Whats In The Box

4 Hot Wheels® Cars
1 Massive Jet Plane
1 Menacing Gorilla
1 Super Ultimate Garage
10+ Locations to Explore
140+ Parking Spaces

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