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  • Hot Wheels® City Cobra Crush Play Set

Hot Wheels® City Cobra Crush Play Set

Ages: 4-8 Years
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    A giant Cobra is attacking Hot Wheels® City and capturing cars in his terrifying jaws! Kids will love racing to the rescue to free their friends! But can they defeat the beast? Only a perfect launch will send their vehicle over the Cobra’s head and racing down his tail to hit the trigger at the bottom. When the Cobra is beaten, he really crashes DOWN! To reset, just pull up the flag to lock the Cobra in place and get going again. You can also increase the difficulty level by adjusting the Cobra’s head. The play set includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle and directly connects to other Hot Wheels® City sets for an entire world of adventure.

    • Big Hot Wheels® City set with gigantic Cobra that can trap cars in his jaws.
    • ​Ignite kids' imagination and storytelling play with this challenge to save Hot Wheels® City.
    • ​Crush the Cobra by launching a car over his head and down his tail for an awesome heroic moment of freeing a friend's car and defeating the Cobra.
    • ​Easy to reset, just pull the flag up to lock the Cobra in place and get going again!
    • ​Build a Hot Wheels™ City by connecting other City play sets together. New City play sets are also compatible with orange track and other sets.
    SKU #: FNB20

Play Benefits

Hot Wheels® is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills.

This play set provides the following benefits:

Fuels Imagination

Nurtures creative thinking to explore new worlds.

Sparks Motor Skills

Develops strength and dexterity for better building.

Boosts Confidence

Equips kids to cope with frustrations when they arise.

Unlock imagination and storytelling play with an action-packed set that inspires kids to save Hot Wheels® City from a giant Cobra!

Rev up their motor skills as they try to jump the Cobra and avoid his venomous bite. Adjust the Cobra’s head to further challenge their timing and precision.

Hit the trigger at the bottom of the Cobra’s tail to take him down and free the captured car. It’s a heroic, confidence-boosting moment and another win for them!

The Cobra-crushing action never ends — just pull up the flag to reset the beast. Then rev up for battle again!

Build a Hot Wheels® City by connecting to other City sets with the new connection system or your existing orange track. It’s hours of excitement and play!

Whats In The Box

1 Cobra Play Set with Track
1 Train Station Themed Launcher
1 Hot Wheels® Vehicle

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