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  • Hot Wheels® Track Builder Rocket Launch Challenge playset

Hot Wheels® Track Builder Rocket Launch Challenge playset

Ages: 6+
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    Launch thrilling playtime with a transforming set that features multiple challenges and an epic payoff! Kids will have a blast completing three stunts to send the rocket flying. First, hit the launcher to speed through the loop and ignite the rocket — one of the engines pops out, and the loop automatically collapses into a ramp. Next, launch the car to jump the monster gap, ignite the second engine, and raise the ramp that preps the rocket for liftoff. Then it’s time for the final countdown — race up the ramp and blast off the rocket cap! This action-packed set provides continuous play with no setup required between challenges, and it connects to other Track Builder sets for endless stunting fun!

    SKU #: FLK60

Play Benefits

Hot Wheels® is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills.

This trackset provides the following benefits:

Problem Solving

Promotes different ways of thinking to overcome obstacles.

Sparks Motor Skills

Develops strength and dexterity for better building.

Revs Creativity

Fuels the ability to innovate and invent new ways of thinking.

Rev up their motor skills as they try to launch the rocket. Adjust the launch speed and power to challenge their timing and precision.

Drive problem solving with a transforming set that challenges kids to conquer 3 stunts — for 3 times the excitement!

The set includes everything for stunting fun right out of the box. Plus, the cool transformation means no assembly needed between challenges.

Give them a confidence boost when they successfully launch the rocket. It’s an exciting payoff that can be played out again and again!

Inspire creativity and experimentation with reconfigurable pieces that connect to other Track Builder sets for endless stunts!

Whats In The Box

1 Slam Launcher
1 Large Ramp
1 Transforming Loop
1 Rocket for Launching
4 Orange Track Pieces
1 Hot Wheels® Vehicle
1 Builder's Guide Booklet

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