Hot Wheels® Roto Revolution™ Trackset

Ages: 5+
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Play Benefits

Hot Wheels® is more than just a toy. It’s a tool that helps kids develop life skills.

This trackset provides the following benefits:


Encourages kids to play fair and have respect for others.


Equips kids to cope with frustrations when they arise.


Promotes concentration for extended periods of time.

Head to Head
Crank up the competition as kids battle friends and test their skills in this EPIC head-to-head rotating track set. The last car racing wins!

Get Spinning
Watch cars zip, flip and loop-de-loop in Hot Wheels® first ever ROTATING, BOOSTED, MOTORIZED track Set!

Crash and Smash
Launch into action and loop around the set CRASHING and SMASHING into opponent's cars. It's all the thrills and speed they expect from Hot Wheels®.

Ready Aim Launch
Build their determination as they use strategy and skill to launch cars into the rotating set. Only perfect timing will send cars looping into the gauntlet.

Sweet Victory
The last car racing WINS! But the competition never ends. Build their sportsmanship as they race again and again to secure a place in the winner's circle.

Sweet Victory
Whats In The Box

1 Rotating, Multi-loop Trackset
2 Instant-Action Launchers
2 Hot Wheels® Cars