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Hot Wheels® Triple Target Takedown™ Trackset

Ages: 4+
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  • Product Features

    Take the Hot Wheels® racing and stunting fun to a whole new level with this thrilling, themed track set! Kids will love creating imaginative storylines and taking on new action-packed challenges that test their skills or timing. The Ultimate Triple Challenge track set features three different challenges: smash the barrel, take out the flags and crash through the big screen to stop the clock. If you’ve got what it takes to win the race, a winner sign will appear in the window! Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle. Connects to other Hot Wheels® track sets so kids can keep building for even more exciting adventures. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

    • Themed track set delivers action-packed thrills for kids and their friends.
    • Test your skills and timing with three different racing challenges.
    • Kids can play three ways: smash the barrel, take out the flags or crash through the big screen.
    • A winner sign appears in the window to reveal the champion!

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    SKU #: DJF02

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